Mixpanel: How Long Users Stay At Location?

Mixpanel is a low code analytics and discovery platform. Segment and Mixpanel help you get more out of your data

Segment and Mixpanel help you get a more complete picture of your customer journey. For example, by sending data from SpotSense through Segment to Mixpanel, you can treat Location Enter/Exit events like other events in your mobile app. In addition, Mixpanel provides a multitude of ways to act on the app events you send to the platform. For this tutorial you will see how you can send location enter/exit events to Mixpanel from SpotSense to determine the average visit length of your app users to a specific location.

How this works:

  • Get data flowing from SpotSense > Segment > Mixpanel
  • Repeat step 1 your mobile app source in Segment (iOS, Android, React Native)
  • Build a Funnel report in Mixpanel and filter it by “Time to Convert” This will show you the average time to convert a Location – Enter event to a Location – exit event. Giving you the average visit time of a location

Resources for getting started:

Tools you need:

  • Segment workspace
  • SpotSense account
  • Mixpanel account