Supercharge the tools you already use with location data

There are SO many different platforms out there that help you engage, follow up, and understand your users. Connecting SpotSense to Segment lets you integrate location data into over 200 services like Google Analytics and Hubspot.

location data

Start conversations with customers in store

You can't always be there in person when a customer needs you in store. Be there without "being there" by using SpotSense geofencing to trigger a conversation on Intercom as soon as your users enter the building. Add automated responses to cut down the need for a real person.
Retail 2.0
Smart retail

Compare competitor visits with your own

Ever wonder how often your users are going to your competitor's location? By creating geofences around your competitors and sending that data to Mixpanel, you can get a side by side view on how often users visit your competitor compared to your own store.
Occupancy tracking

See how offline views drive online purchases

We've all heard of the person who views the item in store just to buy it online. Quantify the effect that has by sending Bluetooth beacon data to Amplitude and creating a Pathfinder chart. Now you can tie real world interactions with products into your mobile app metrics.
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Add location data to your tech stack

Add location data to your tech stack