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Interact with your users, even if you're not on their front page

Your mobile app can easily get lost in the sea of applications on a user's device. Cut through that noise by providing your users with contextually driven experiences based on their location.

Build location features that drive app engagement

The SpotSense dashboard helps you create and manage geofences for your app without constantly having to update code. Supercharge your mobile app with less time spent in Xcode.

Integrate geofence data into your favorite platforms

SpotSense uses Segment to forward geofence data to hundreds of platforms. Enrich the data you're sending to places like Mixpanel and Google analytics with real world entry and exit events.

Location Features, Faster

You and your team deserve to have tools that help solve real world problems as quickly as possible.

We eliminate complex location infrastructure, so you can start building location-based experiences for your app users in just a couple of minutes.

 func didInteractWithGeofence(event: String) {
              if (event == "lax-enter") {
                    print("Welcome to LAX!")
              } else if (event == "lax-exit") {
                    print("Thanks for visiting LAX!")

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